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Bart Torgal

General Info

Bart Torgal logo
Job TitleChief Executive Officer
Birth PlaceTorgal Corporation-owned planet
Knows aboutSurvival techniques, Flora and Fauna of planet 4546B
Alternate NameTorgal Jr.
Character NameBart Torgal
Member of OrganizationTorgal Corporation
Bart Torgal, the central character of the Subnautica universe, is the nephew of Paul Torgal and the heir to the Torgal Corporation. Strong-willed and intelligent by nature, Bart provides a comprehensive understanding of the alien ecosystem and life forms of Subnautics, the fruit of meticulous research and relentlessly dangerous explorations on the desolate planet 4546B. Charming, Bart consistently displays a unique compassion for the fauna of 4546B along with an unrelenting desire to uncover the planet's hidden secrets. Unfortunately, his bravery and curiosity come at a price, as Bart is known to have suffered debilitating side effects from exposure to highly toxic Kharaa bacteria. A complex character steeped in mystery and resilience, Bart's journey reveals just how far you have to go to survive in the universe of 4546B Subnautica.


Bart Torgal is a character in the vast Subnautica universe. He is the son of Paul Torgal, head of the Torgal Corporation, and a valued mercenary himself. Bart has the unique experience of being the only Degasi crew member to survive on planet 4546B against all odds. Resourceful and resilient, he embodies the spirit of exploration and survival.
Despite his role as a survivor, Bart is much more than just a soldier. He is a xenobiologist whose research into alien ocean life on his planet adds to the intrigue and complexity of Subnautica's plot. His exceptional analytical and critical thinking skills allow him to navigate a strange new environment with the mind of a scientist.
In the unforgiving depths of the watery planet 4546B, Bart discovers a character and faith that transcends his survivor appearance. Throughout the story, his inner struggle with fear, loneliness, and ultimately hope is thoughtfully portrayed. Bart's intelligence, patience and indomitable spirit bring a human element to the mysterious, otherworldly world of Subnautics. Ultimately, her character testifies to human resilience to the adversities of an alien world.


Bart Torgal is an incredibly resilient character in the Subnautica universe, demonstrating strength and determination in the face of untold dangers. He is a member of the wealthy and influential Torgal family and the son of Paul Torgal, founder and CEO of Torgal Corporation. First of all, Bart Torgal is not a director or businessman like his father, but a mercenary. He is trained in diving, survival and navigation, making him a perfect fit for the position of Chief Operations Officer aboard the Degasi.
Bart's job at Degasi was to run the ship smoothly. But after their ship crashed on an alien planet, it fell back on Bart to use his skills to ensure the survival of the crew and find a way to escape the alien planet. In unfortunate circumstances, his father and colleague Marguerit Maida disappeared, leaving Bart alone on the planet for a long time.
During his isolation, Bart carefully studied the planet's alien flora, fauna, and artifacts, gaining a deep understanding of the alien ecosystem and the progenitors that once inhabited the planet. Using his well-documented audio recordings, Bart provided critical insight into the experiences of the Degasi survivors, an account that contained important clues about the game's protagonist, Ryley Robinson.
Despite several setbacks, Bart had an indomitable spirit. His survival skills and observations contribute greatly to the progression of the story in Subnautica, making him a very important character. Bart Torgal's journey reflects the nuances of an extreme survival situation on an alien planet: resilience, hope and despair merge into one survival story.

Creation and Development

The central figure of the Subnautica universe, Bart Torgal, is the result of careful development and thought. His character began as the main survivor of the Mongol ship Degasi. The idea was to show Bart as a pragmatic and resourceful lone survivor, and his evolution was heavily influenced by his journey of survival on an alien planet.
In the early stages of development, the developers decided to treat Bart as a technical expert, making him a potential source of useful technology blueprints. But as the story progresses, Bart's character takes on a more philosophical nature. Inspired by his father's approach to business and Marguerit's fearless spirit, Bart began to transcend his original personality to become a more calm and thoughtful character.
His character development also took a lot of inspiration from classic shipwreck literature, where the main character grows up isolated, constantly defeated by the trials he finds himself in. Bart's PDA notes often reflect this idea, emphasizing that his development is integral to his survival.
The developers tastefully combined Bart's journey across an alien ocean with his personal growth to create a character that reflects the player's journey: scared, surprised, determined and insightful. They also made creative use of non-linear storytelling, explaining Bart's transformation with voice logs and data downloads that the player finds scattered throughout the game world. Bart Torgal quickly gained considerable player recognition for his intense development and depth, making him an icon of resilience and self-exploration against the vast and otherworldly backdrop of Subnautica. She continues to add a concrete layer of humanity to the surreal and alien world of Subnautica.

Character Profile

Bart Torgal is an intriguing character from the Subnautica universe who exhibits the values ​​of perseverance and adaptability. As the son of the CEO of Torgal Corporation, he was forced to participate in a reconnaissance mission. However, Degasi's crash landing on planet 4546B forced him to show his survival nature.
To the surprise of many, Bart did not inherit the commonalities of a protected corporate heir. Instead, he has a brilliant and analytical mind and is fascinated by the alien world and its unique flora and fauna. His analytical thinking and curiosity about the environment play a crucial role in his survival.
Despite the strained relationship between father and son, Bart's respect for his father Paulis Torgal is huge. He constantly strives to learn from his determined survival techniques while developing a keen sense of the dangers of the alien world.
Bart's appeal goes beyond survival. He wants to understand the native race of the planet's predecessors. His notes reveal deep insights into alien architecture, technology, and the deadly Kharaa bacterial infection. Although loneliness overwhelms him, with only an AI PDA to talk to, Bart Torgal maintains his will to persevere and explore the depths of 4546B.
Bart's final logs survive for several months before succumbing to Kharaa infection, and provide poignant insight into his development from naive corporate heir to one of the brightest minds in the face of mysterious adversity. His character truly embodies the mantra "Adapt, Survive, Thrive" and adds layers to the Subnautica plot with his tenacity and determination.

Story Arc

Bart Torgal is the sole survivor of the crew of the Degasi, a ship that crashed on planet 4546B about a decade before Aurora, home of the Subnautics. He is the son of Mongolian Independent States tycoon Paul Torgal.
Growing up in a privileged environment, Bart had no real survival skills, making his situation in 4546B all the more dangerous. But thanks to the planet's natural resources and his ingenuity, Bart managed to survive. Indeed, he thrived, combining his expertise in advanced agriculture with the help of the planet's flora and fauna to provide food and water. This clearly reflected his strong will, adaptable and resourceful nature.
However, Bart was suffering from Kharaa bacteria, an alien bacteria common on the planet. Despite his best efforts, he was unable to find a cure and faced the terrible truth of his impending death. As the infection progressed, he kept detailed journals detailing his tragic journey and experiences on the planet for all who would come after him. It shows a sense of responsibility and optimism in the hope that your data can help someone in the future. Further insight reveals that Bart has begun to develop a sense of belonging to the planet, seeing the native life forms as individuals with emotions and virtues. As he lives, adapts, survives and interacts with the ecosystem of 4546B, his character arc becomes more complex.
Finally, his moving monologue expresses his acceptance of his fate and his peace with the universe. His wisdom, courage, and acceptance show his growth as a character in the Subnautica universe. Despite its unhappy ending, Bart Torgal's journey is a haunting exploration of survival, adaptation, disease and man's relationship with nature.

Cultural Impact

Bart Torgalo's character in Subnautica not only reinforces the game's engaging and compelling story, but also has a significant impact on the game's culture. As the son of the powerful CEO of Torgal Corporation, Bart brings an exciting dimension of conflict, human emotion and corporate politics to the otherworldly underwater world of Subnautica. It embodies the struggle between the industrial and natural worlds, providing a subtle environmental commentary that appeals to many gamers.
More importantly, Bart Torgal is a symbol of resilience and survival. His character is trapped and has to endure hardships that give players a unique understanding of the power of the human spirit, developing a sense of fortitude and resilience in difficult situations. This sense of resilience has spawned tons of fan art, chat, and even cosplay from the Subnautica community. This makes Bart Torgal not only an interesting character in the Subnautica universe, but also a cultural icon in the gaming community. The character continues to foster a deeper connection between the game and its players beyond the screen, further cementing Subnautica's place in modern gaming culture.


Bart Torgal's legacy in the Subnautica universe is a testament to his will and courage. Despite his initial fears and doubts when he was stranded on planet 4546B, Bart proved to be a survivor. More importantly, he was able to maintain his humanity in the face of terrible odds. He used his robotics engineering and plant biology skills to create a sustainable way of life in alien conditions, and his perseverance in the face of loneliness was remarkable.
When Bart was finally rescued, he took it upon himself to ensure the safety of would-be explorers by pushing for stricter laws against illegal gates. He also advocated government regulation and oversight, and vehemently opposed uncontrolled teleportation. Bart from 4546B emerged as a changed man, but also a symbol of survival and stoicism in unfamiliar territory. His story continues to inspire future explorers and readers, reminding them of the perseverance required to succeed and survive in every corner of the universe.