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Ogawa Apartment

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Location NameOgawa Apartment
Ogawa Apartment is a unique location in the TYPE-MOON universe, imbued with an atmosphere of hidden fear and mystery. One of the main focal points of the world of Tsukihime, it is the residence of the mysterious owners of the apartment, Alba and Rita. These two characters make a curious duo and are suspected of having supernatural abilities. The combination of everyday normality and the mysterious creates an eerie fog in the space.
The apartment is known for having other strange characters that add more layers to its already enigmatic appearance. With an inconspicuous exterior that hides a changing interior landscape, the structure can also be seen as a metaphor for some of the characters and their dual natures. The Ogawa Apartments provide a creepy setting in everyday reality, a trope that cleverly uses the TYPE-MOON universe to heighten the intrigue.


Located in the heart of the vibrant TYPE-MOON universe, Ogawa Apartment is the quintessential residential train offering a unique atmosphere of tranquility in a bustling cityscape. The ancient apartment building blends perfectly with modern conveniences, showcasing the perfect combination of old world charm and modern urban lifestyle. Occupied by Shiki Tohno in the Melty Blood series, she holds great significance in the story and symbolically represents Shiki's journey.
Every element here breathes an authentic life experience. Its strategic location allows easy access to key points, allowing residents and visitors to embody the spirit of the universe. Like the quiet abode of a master knife-bearer, the aura surrounding the apartment resounds with a characteristic mixture of mystery and intrigue.
Inside, the rooms are spacious, the decor is minimalistic. They reflect Shiki's brooding personality, imbued with ruthless practicality. Carefully designed interiors, comfortable lighting and casual sophistication add charm to this place. In addition, floor-to-ceiling windows offer a panoramic view of the vast cityscape of the TYPE-MOON universe. Despite being in the heart of a bustling park, Ogawa Apartment exudes a sense of quiet solitude. It's more than just a place to stay, it's also a place of refuge that fosters substantial character development and a compelling plot. An integral part of the Melty Blood series, Ogawa Apartment is an essential thread in the grand narrative of TYPE-MOON, giving viewers a glimpse into life in this remarkable universe.


Ogawa Apartment has a rich history in the TYPE-MOON universe and is the main location in Kagetsu Tohya. Built in the quiet residential areas of Misaki, the apartment is popularly known as Shiki Tohno's home as he recovers from a tragic childhood car accident. The location is very important as it is close to the main areas of Misaki City, making it a convenient place for characters involved in the various TYPE-MOON storylines to stay.
This seemingly ordinary apartment bears witness to the many stories, mysteries and life-changing decisions that have dictated the course of many battles in the TYPE-MOON universe. Serving not only as a place of residence but also as a fortress in perilous times, it played a crucial role in Shiki's survival and his living contribution to the overall history. in 1999 Shiki moved into Ogawa's apartment, marking the beginning of an era filled with supernatural situations and battles. Although outwardly minimalist, the apartment was a fortress for the young soldier. Every corner, every room evokes a specific memory for Shiki and the people who met him here at some point in their lives.
The history of the Ogawa Apartment is not limited to its walls, but extends to the surrounding area as well. The lush park where Shiki spent memorable afternoons with characters like Hisui and Akiha, the ancient chapel that symbolized determination, and the residential streets surrounding it were also home to some important events. In the ever-expanding universe of TYPE-MOON, the locations are not just backdrops, but act as silent characters themselves. The story of Ogawa's apartment is a compelling example of this, immersing readers into its essence and painting a vivid and colorful picture of the characters' lives and adventures. The story is a wonderful synthesis of ordinary life intertwined with extraordinary events, witnessing how the TYPE-MOON universe has captured the hearts and minds of the entire world.


Deeply rooted in the TYPE-MOON universe, Ogawa Apartment is a residence with an intriguing history and setting that subtly transforms from an ordinary city apartment into a hub of supernatural activity. Although it appears to be an ordinary, nondescript residence in the quiet suburbs of Misaki Town, this property holds secrets beyond the reach of the casual observer.
From the beginning, the apartment has been a refuge for its tenants, offering a front-row seat to the mysterious world that coexists with the everyday reality of Misaki City. In the shadow of the bustling city, Ogawa's apartment is an important symbol of the tapestry of TYPE-MOON's story, where many memorable characters arrive at various stages of their lives.
The design and practicality of the Ogawa Apartment makes it an ideal place for magicians and sorcerers, a place where they can withdraw from the world and immerse themselves in their research away from prying eyes. Although its exterior is modern, befitting a typical town house, its walls bear traces of the ancient and mysterious, whispers of hidden compartments and secret passageways resonating with the echoes of ancient spells and incantations.
Perhaps the most striking aspect of Ogawa Apartment is the fascinating mix of residents. From the independent and determined Tohno Akiha to the charismatic and mysterious Aozaki Aoko, the apartment has seen many characters, each with their own unique stories and challenges that have given the property a rich and diverse feel.
Immersed in an atmosphere of magic and mysticism, Ogawa's apartment is a silent witness to the various inconsistencies in the TYPE-MOON universe. It represents the dichotomy between reality and unreality, between the ordinary and the extraordinary, making Ogawa Apartment not just a place but also a character in its own right within the TYPE-MOON universe.