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The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion

General Info

The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion logo
AuthorGerard Way
GenresSuperhero, Science fiction, Dark comedy
PublisherDark Horse Comics
IllustratorGabriel Bá
Issue Number7
Release Date2018-10-03
Number of Pages32
Original TitleThe Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion
Comics Issue NameThe Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.darkhorse.com/
The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion is the thrilling continuation of the extraordinary series written by Gerard Way and illustrated by Gabriel Bá. Our beloved characters, the Hargreeves brothers, are scattered in different corners of the universe and struggle with their personal pleasures. Meanwhile, a secret from Hargreeves' past: Hotel Oblivion reveals a pocket dimension where he imprisoned his deadliest enemies to keep world peace. As the prisoners plan a grand escape, the unique bond of a dysfunctional family is tested once again. Get ready for a journey full of twisted surprises, surreal visuals and a story that deliberately pushes the boundaries of the superhero genre.


Hotel Oblivion, the third comic book series of The Umbrella Academy, takes readers on an adventurous journey that blurs the lines between justice and revenge. The story deftly combines the charming tales of the Hargreeves brothers, all adopted and raised by an eccentric billionaire, with the revelation of the team's depraved nemesis imprisoned in the extravagant Oblivion Hotel.
Despite the outward twists and turns of the superhero's life, it reveals the deep issues that each brother faces. Unlike their respective avatars, all the brothers struggle with the same trauma, emotional pain, strained relationships and dilemmas, bringing an introspective essence to this story.
The comic moves deftly between different timelines, flashbacks from childhood scenes and current events taking place in different dimensions. Bright illustrations enhance the dark atmosphere of the storyline, adding tension and excitement to every page you turn.
Also, Gabriel Bá's artwork is amazing. His bold artistry, mixed with complex characters and complex storylines written by Gerard Way, transports readers into a world that is as strange as it is fascinating. Combining vivid colors and striking illustrations, Bá captures the complex, inherent dynamics and intense emotional chaos that characterizes the Hargreeves family.
Hotel Oblivion is an enchanting maze where the reader can get lost and find themselves in a whirlwind of puzzles, suspense, and profoundly mesmerizing grotesque beauty. Action-packed and emotionally charged, Hotel Oblivion pushes the reader to the edge of their seat. This edition takes the comic book tradition and turns it into unique stories. This edition embraces a strange charm that captivates the reader and takes them on a journey through the eerie and extraordinary universe of The Umbrella Academy.


After years of hiding dark secrets, the mysterious patriarch of the Umbrella Academy, Sir Reginald Hargreeves' most dangerous creation, The Hotel Oblivion, is finally revealed. It's a twisting maze of alien rooms, evil tenants and a reality-bending prison hotel built around a pocket-sized Hargreeves design for the world's worst villains. Our heroes, the Umbrella Academy, have been distracted after a series of time trips. As they try to regroup, they are thwarted at every turn by terrifying doppelgangers and deadly assassins within the hotel itself. When the hotel's destructive tendencies spread across multiple realities of the universe, the Hargreeves family must band together to prevent its cataclysmic release. But they are haunted by their own personal tragedies and ghosts of the past. Their deep-rooted family issues come to light, adding to the chaos of their already complicated lives. Hotel Oblivion begs the question: Can this dysfunctional family come together to save the world once again?


Making The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion was a complex process that required a great deal of creativity and skill. The team led by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá spent countless hours to make this third part of the series a success. The process began with the formulation of the story. With an intimate knowledge of the Umbrella Academy universe, the duo put their heads together to create a compelling storyline that will captivate readers and fuel the dramatic and chaotic lives of the seven Hargreeves siblings.
Once the plot was created, Bá was faced with the difficult task of bringing the story to life with his artistry. His ability to balance the gruesome and weird elements with the emotional and poignant moments of the story helps to showcase the multi-faceted nature of the series. Meanwhile, Way carefully wrote the dialogue, giving each character their own unique voice.
In addition, colorist Nick Filardi and typewriter Nate Piekos lent their expertise to enhance the vivid and detailed illustrations, while editor Scott Allie saw to it that the final result was refined. Their joint effort, The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion, was a phenomenal addition to the series, striking a balance between the familiar and the unexpected, and further immersing readers in the world of these unconventional superheroes.


In The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion, acclaimed writer Gerard Way and artist Gabriel Bá tell another amazing story about our favorite dysfunctional superhero family. It was the highly anticipated third series of The Umbrella Academy Chronicles, released five years after the second series, Dallas. Readers find the Hargreeves brothers scattered, fighting their own personal battles and dealing with traumatic childhood issues under the umbrella of their manipulative adoptive father, Sir Reginald Hargreeves. The plot takes an interesting twist with the introduction of Hotel Oblivion, a nightmarish prison designed by Hargreeves himself to house the world's worst criminals. Way's excellent storytelling combined with Bá's expressive artistry make this series a must-read for any fan. But even those new to the franchise will find it a compelling and enjoyable read.


The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion is the third installment in Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba's superpower saga, released in 2018. October 3 Published by Dark Horse Comics, this highly anticipated chapter comes nearly a decade after Dallas, the second series. Gerard Way, former frontman of the rock band My Chemical Romance, is known for his vivid storytelling. Together with Brazilian artist Gabriel Ba, they created wonderfully weird, dramatic and comedic stories set in the Umbrella Academy universe. Reviving a dysfunctional superhero family, Hotel Oblivion is filled with even more sinister locations, mysterious powers and supernatural villains. Readers will meet new characters and encounter unexpected twists and turns as they reacquaint themselves with the loving Hargreeves and their extraordinary world. At Hotel Oblivion, the family must once again battle the evil forces threatening the Earth while grappling with their tumultuous personal lives. The gripping storyline combined with Ba's dramatic black-and-white artwork promises an unforgettable journey for fans new and old. The book is now available online and at your local comic shop.


Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion received relatively positive reviews from comic book enthusiasts and fans of the Umbrella Academy series. Critics praised it for its novel plot and intriguing twists that added complexity to the characters while adding depth to the story as a whole.
Fans loved how the show delved into each character and revealed their individual struggles and the struggles they face. They praised the series for its clever balance of humor, melancholy, action and suspense, all beautifully woven into the story. Despite the dark undertones, many readers must have giggled at the humor and dry humor included in the comics. The beautiful artwork of the Oblivion Hotel was another aspect that received much praise. This emphasized the essence of the plot and thus enhanced the reading experience. Specific scenes had unforgettable visual stories that left a lasting impression on readers.
Hotel Oblivion's multi-layered storytelling was also praised. The series featured time travel, alternate realities, and the exploration of various aspects of morality, giving readers plenty to think about even after leaving the comic. While some readers felt that the plot was quite dense and required a pace that might not suit the average reader, most felt that this was part of what made The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion such an engaging book. Leave plenty of hints and clues to keep readers guessing and waiting for the next issues. This installment in the series certainly lived up to The Umbrella Academy's reputation for being unpredictable, deep and well-written.

Cultural impact

As the third installment in the Umbrella Academy series, Hotel Oblivion expanded on the already complex characters and added new dimensions to the universe. The cultural impact of this book was primarily related to mental health issues. The characters' external battles are matched by their internal ones, giving readers a nuanced insight into the psychological implications of being a superhero.
Hotel Oblivion also influenced the world of comics with its unique fusion of adventure, science fiction and family drama. Aside from some of the usual tropes of the superhero genre, the series aims for more complex and surprising storylines. The quirky characters, each with their own unique abilities and personalities, provide a refreshing counterpoint to the traditional superhero archetype.
Finally, the "Hotel Oblivion" part can be credited with reviving interest in the comic series due to unexpected plot developments. Complex storylines and nuanced characters not only boosted sales, but also led to a critically acclaimed Netflix adaptation. This fusion of popular culture media further expands The Umbrella Academy's cultural reach and influence.