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Seance's Necklace

General Info

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Item NameSeance's Necklace
The Seance Necklace is an eye-catching accessory worn by Klaus Hargreeves, aka The Seance, one of the main characters in the Umbrella Academy universe. This gem is inextricably linked to Klaus' supernatural abilities, serving as a channel for him to communicate with spirits. With a charismatic and mystical appearance, the necklace perfectly reflects the extravagant and extravagant style of Klaus. With a single dark stone in the center, the necklace is almost an extension of Klaus' personality. It becomes her signature piece that captures the attention of viewers and fans. The Seance necklace represents the unique and unconventional elements that enrich the universe of The Umbrella Academy.


The sitting necklace is a very significant emblem of the extraordinary character Klaus, also known as sitting in the Umbrella Academy universe. The necklace has an eerie aesthetic and perfectly complements his unique ability to speak with the dead. Each delicate bead resonates with a rare form of energy conservation, helping to enhance Klaus' powers and enabling stronger spiritual connections.
With an unrelenting belief in spirituality, Klaus almost never takes off his chain. More than just an accessory, it's also a conduit to help him navigate his tumultuous journey to the afterlife. Every detail of the design conveys the depth of his paranormal antics. Often viewed with skepticism and fear, each vibrating ball on the chain creates a sense of balance, grounding it in the face of otherworldly forces.
Interestingly, the necklace also has a historical mark from the series. He was with him through dazzling jobs and life-changing encounters. Despite her quirky and carefree attitude, the seriousness with which she treats the necklace shows how important it is to her personality. From guiding him to startling revelations to helping out in the most dire of circumstances, The Seance's Necklace is a testament to Klaus' groundbreaking journey through the Umbrella Academy series. Indeed, it is a beacon that echoes the seemingly extravagant yet intricately twisted life of the Seance, drawing viewers deeper into the exciting universe of the Umbrella Academy. Therefore, it is truly an artifact that any fan will appreciate!

Creation and Development

Owned by the central character Klaus Hargreeves, or The Seance, The Seance's Necklace is an intriguing standout in the aesthetic of the Umbrella Academy universe. Its creation and development includes an evocative and compelling story.
In the first round of character development, Klaus emerged as a decidedly unconventional character. Her ability to communicate with the dead and chaotic personality demanded an equally unique and expressive accessory. The idea for the necklace came as a brief spark of inspiration from series costume designer Christopher Hargadon. With Hargadon's initial sketches, the team began to envision a rough idea for the necklace. However, it was an abstract concept as there was no physical description of it in the original comics by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá. The creative team wanted a piece that reflected Klaus' colorful style and dark humor, while still being symbolic of his supernatural abilities.
So the design was inspired by a historical reference to the occult. The final piece, a huge locket suspended from a sturdy chain, reflected 19th-century spiritualism's fascination with ostentatious symbolism. Inspired by a spirit board, the spherical locket represents Klaus' connection to the spirit world.
As for the physical creation, the necklace is made to order. It has been carefully crafted from antique brass to look worn as if it has been used for years. The spherical pendant also featured detailed inscriptions specially engraved to enhance the mysterious atmosphere.
The evolution of the session chain has gone through many stages. From a simple concept sketch, it became a unique accessory, a symbol of Klaus' supernatural powers and eccentric personality. This item is the final representation of his character's mind in the Umbrella Academy universe.

Cultural Impact

Since its introduction into the Umbrella Academy universe, Seance's Necklace has had a significant cultural impact. It mostly impressed with its complex concept and intriguing plot. The item worn by Seance is considered a symbol of resilience and nonconformity, resonating with fans and audiences around the world.
The necklace, although only an accessory in the series, quickly became a cultural icon. Many fans wore replicas to conventions, showing their connection to the flawed yet likable character. Its popularity reflects the public's fascination with the Seance, which has made it a powerful emblem of popular culture. From runway shows to trendsetting Halloween costumes, Seance necklaces continue to make an impact.
In addition, the gemstone also reflects the esoteric and dark aspects of the universe, adding to its appeal. It is a testament not only to Seance's personal journey, but also to the complex and innovative history of Umbrella Academy. This shows the audience's willingness to accept non-traditional themes and characters, testifying to the changing trends of the cultural spirit. This quirky piece of pop culture continues to inspire debate and creativity among fandoms, marking its enduring cultural significance.