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Season of the Witch

General Info

Season of the Witch logo
StarringGudmundur Thorvaldsson, Ísgerður Elfa Gunnarsdóttir
Directed ByFriðrik Þór Friðriksson
Release Date2011-03-27
Running Time50
Screenplay ByIvan Samuel
TV Series NameSeason of the Witch
Content Rating8
Distributed ByRÚV
Original TitleTími nornarinnar
Country of OriginIS
Number of Seasons1
Number of Episodes4
World Premiere Date2011-03-27
Production Company Website URLhttp://dagskra.ruv.is/nanar/11187
Season of the Witch is a charming TV series set in the enchanting universe of The Witcher. This journey takes you beyond swords and sorcery into the everyday, the trials and tribulations of magical people in a magical world. Living in the shadow of witches, wizards, and monstrous creatures, they must navigate a game of survival, politics, and deception. Discover a whole new perspective on the Witcher universe through the eyes of farmers, artisans and forgotten souls. Prepare to be immersed in a realm where people's history, culture and survival skills will reveal the veil of a vicious vortex between them. From captivating storylines to unprecedented character development, Season of the Witch is the epitome of fantasy drama.



Season of the Witch is a fascinating television series set in the rich and complex universe of Witches. Basically, the series explores the dangerous life of Geralt of Rivia, a witch or beast hunter who is bound by fate by Princess Ciri and the sorceress Jennefer. The series takes place against a backdrop of political intrigue, ancient magic and mythical creatures. Dive deep into the trials and tribulations of these three characters as their lives intertwine amid turmoil and war. In addition to the external chaos, their internal struggle with identity, destiny and morality is also traced. There are hidden lessons in timeless stories of love, sacrifice and friendship. Season of the Witch aims to take viewers on an inspiring journey with its intense narrative and engaging characters. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a first-timer to The Witcher, the series promises an unforgettable experience synonymous with fantasy TV.


Season of the Witch takes place in a fantasy world full of magic, mythical creatures and medieval societies. The series follows Ciri, a young princess with a mysterious destiny. When her kingdom, Cintra, is overrun by the militaristic Nilfgaardian Empire, Ciri is destroyed by Geralt of Rivia, a legendary witch of unknown origin. Geralt, a magically trained monster hunter, is forced to protect Ciri from the Law of Surprises, a sacred and ancient custom that compels him to this unexpected duty.
Their adventures take them through realms and deadly encounters with royal conspiracies, witches and terrifying beasts lurking in the dark. In addition to Geralt and Ciri, the series also introduces Yennefer, a sorceress who steadily rises to power. Yennefer and Geralt share a complicated relationship that is passionate and tumultuous due to conflicting ideologies.
Season of the Witch delves into the dark and dangerous trials these characters face while exploring themes of fate and the cost of magic. The complex storyline reveals tangled stories, complex relationships, and the characters' inner demons as they battle external threats and looming war.
The core of the series is an exploration of power and politics against a backdrop of dark fantasy and mythology. As alliances shift and secrets emerge, Geralt, Ciri and Yennefer must navigate a treacherous world where nothing is as it seems. From the magical towers of Arethusa to the bloody fields of Sodden, they enter a world on the brink of chaos, where survival is as much a game of skill as ingenuity. The story takes viewers on a harrowing journey of resilience, sacrifice and unlikely friendships.


The creation of Season of the Witch was a meticulously planned process with a strong focus on authenticity and stunning graphics. The members of the production team were not only professionals in their field, but also passionate fans of the Witcher universe. They have poured their passion into creating a world that resonates with fans of The Witcher series and attracts new audiences.
The process began with an extensive pre-production phase, including concept art, detailed script writing and location scouting. The team was determined to create a visually stunning take on The Witcher universe that stayed true to the source material. Many locations in Europe with untouched nature and medieval structures were chosen as filming locations to depict the different regions, cities and landscapes of the witching world.
The recording phase was followed by an intensive post-production phase. This included hours of image editing, special effects, sound design and music composition. The special effects were state-of-the-art, bringing to life the monstrous beasts, spells and brutal battle sequences that characterize the Witcher series. Every detail, right down to the creepy background score, has been carefully crafted to enhance the viewing experience. The end result was a combination of extraordinary technical wizardry and passionate storytelling. A unique viewing experience, Season of the Witch offers a deep and intriguing look into the Witcher universe, filled with fascinating stories, complex characters and breathtaking scenery. This is a testament to the tireless work and unwavering dedication of the entire production team.


In autumn, the long-awaited "Season of the Witch" hit the screens and thrilled the faithful fans of the "Witcher" universe. With an impressive combination of eccentric and enigmatic characters, the ensemble captivated the audience, inviting them into a world full of intrigue, magic and mythical creatures. The visually stunning series offers mind-blowing twists and turns, and each episode is a narrative masterpiece, heavily based on the original Witcher novels and video game trilogy.
Captivating viewers immediately, the series explores the complex fabric of the continent with richness and depth. From the stormy Northern Kingdoms to the lawless no man's land, viewers are treated to an epic tale of fate and the sinister, intertwined destinies of Geralt, Jennefer, Ciri and other beloved characters. "Season of the Witch" has also been praised for its careful reimagining of The Witcher's vivid landscapes, taking viewers on a grand journey through mountains, dense forests and enchanted castles. It burns brightly in the annals of fantasy television, a testament to the timeless appeal of this compelling saga.
Viewers are now anxiously waiting for the confirmation that another exciting, heart-pounding and action-packed season of the hit series will be released. The only certainty is that the merciless fight against evil in the world of The Witcher never ends.


The reception of the TV series "Season of the Witch" is mixed. Both critics and viewers have been divided, with some praising the show's ability to faithfully recreate the rich world of the Witcher universe, while others criticized its deviations from the source material.
The ratings are consistently high, which shows that the series has managed to captivate its audience. Despite the criticism, the show's bold narrative and diverse characters attracted a large audience. The complex and morally ambiguous characters combined with the detailed setting of the Witcher universe struck a chord, keeping audiences coming back week after week. The series was particularly praised for its emphasis on presenting morally gray situations where there is no clear right or wrong course of action. This move sets it apart from other fantasy series that rely on traditional black-and-white morality.
However, purists of the original Witcher series have expressed disappointment with the plot and character changes, which they felt deviated too much from the original story. Despite these glitches, the TV adaptation managed to carve a niche among the many other fantasy series on television.

Cultural impact

The television series "Season of the Witch" has had a significant cultural impact since its first broadcast. An important aspect of his influence is his versatile portrayal of the main characters, who belong to a very marginalized group: witches. The series instilled a sense of strength and acceptance in viewers who identify with the witches' experiences, creating a ripple effect that reaches far beyond the fictional universe.
The series is also characterized by its sincere and honest portrayal of social issues, accessible and engaging presentation of the themes of acceptance, honor and justice. This has led to many positive discussions on these issues, opening the door to dialogue and understanding. Also, "Season of the Witch" sparked interest in mythology and folklore. The series draws heavily on these elements in its plot, thus encouraging a new appreciation of these aspects of cultural heritage. Since the series' inception, there has been an increase in the study of myth and folklore, which speaks to its broad educational impact.
Finally, "Season of the Witch" also influenced fashion trends. Costumes with medieval clothes, leather armor and mystical gems led to the huge popularity of similar styles. In conclusion, the cultural impact of Season of the Witch can be seen in its enlightened approach to marginalized groups, its insightful portrayal of social issues, its renewed interest in folklore, and its influence on fashion trends.