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Vox Machina Origins Volume III

General Info

Vox Machina Origins Volume III logo
AuthorJody Houser
PublisherDark Horse Comics
IllustratorOlivia Samson
Issue Number1-6
Release Date2021-01-01
Number of Pages152
Original TitleVox Machina Origins Volume III
Comics Issue NameVox Machina Origins Volume III
Country of OriginUSA
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.darkhorse.com/
Vox Machina Origins Volume III presents another enchanting chapter in the thrilling saga. Join our esteemed band of heroes as they navigate the mighty fortress of Emon, battle terrifying foes, and uncover baffling secrets. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Exandria, beautifully rendered with captivating artwork that inspires awe on every panel. This book offers an unforgettable and rich story in which these legendary characters are fascinatingly intertwined. In this book, familiar faces return as they share the trials and triumphs they face on their action-packed journey. See the strength of Grog, the cunning of Vex, the agility of Vax, the wisdom of Keyleth, the genius of Percival and the wit of Scanlan as they become the heroes they were destined to become. A must-read for any Critical Role fan, this comic allows the reader to join Vox Machina as their epic story begins. Vox Machina Origins Volume III will thrill, entertain and inspire you and promises to be an invaluable addition to your collection.


The third installment of Vox Machina Origins delves into the background of our intrepid heroes as they journey through a world of magic, villainy and menace. The comics delve into the layers of these familiar characters, revealing their insecurities, fears and hidden strengths.
It follows the journey of Vex'ahlia and Vax'ildan, adventurous twins with a unique bond, as they embark on harrowing quests and form alliances steeped in humor and heart. Grog's powerful strength and childlike innocence, combined with Pike's calm wisdom and unwavering faith, give the story a depth that is captivating and enthralling. Keyleth's struggle to harness her elemental powers and Scanlan's quest to prove his worth through the arcane arts keep readers enthralled. Discover intricate storylines and mini-quests that hint at big adventures yet to unfold. Experience the friendships formed and heartbreaking twists that set the stage for the epic that will become The Alexandria Chronicles. Adventure, brotherhood, sorcery, and humor intertwine in this book to create the enchanting beginning of Exandria's most famous group of adventurers, Vox Machina.
Step into this enchanting origin story and experience the enchantment of a world where friendship and danger dance on the cutting edge, where laughter lurks in the shadows of fear, and where every page brings you closer to the heart of Vox Machina.


In Vox Machina Origins Volume III, our heroes find themselves in the city of Emon, where new adventures await. After the intense battles and journey in the dungeon, they wanted some rest. But the reality was anything but. They have become the target of a mysterious curse that has begun to plague the town's children. The once lively Aemon began to turn into a city of despair. Sensing the urgency of the situation, Vox Machina set out to discover the source, leading them to a variety of unseen horrors lurking beneath the surface of the city. The group faces their fears, uncovers the secrets of the city's elite, and faces unspeakable evil in their desperate struggle to break the curse and save Emon's future. This book not only illustrates their heroic deeds, but also their growing bond. They are no longer a band of lone adventurers, but a powerful team united by destiny.


Vox Machina Origins Volume III marks another historic expansion in the beloved Critical Role universe. This release explores new territory by delving into the legendary band's past, revealing formative moments and shaping experiences. The developers have depicted the world of Exandria down to the smallest detail, with dense forests, eerie ruins, and vibrant urban landscapes. This immersive script is seamlessly interwoven with the story, creating a perfect synergy between art and story. The story itself stays true to the Vox Machina personalities, offering a masterful mix of humor, intrigue and high action. For newcomers and longtime fans alike, this book provides a compelling look at what made Vox Machina the heroic ensemble that so many have come to love and admire. This installment is a testament to the continued growth of the Critical Role universe and showcases the creators' exceptional storytelling skills.


Vox Machina Origins Volume III offers a stunning exploration into the past lives of the beloved group of heroes from the hit show Critical Role. Filled with chilling adventures, this book offers an unforgettable experience that delves into the characters' origins. Readers will see the timeless connections between brutal struggle and deep moments of vulnerability that shape the group in the legendary Vox Machina. Written by the talented Jody Houser, this compelling book reveals the secrets and trials that shaped this group of adventurers before their heroic deeds invaded the kingdom. Paired with incredible writing by Olivia Samson, the story unfolds seamlessly and leaves readers enthralled. This book is truly a treasure trove of magic, courage, camaraderie, and pure emotion. A must-read for any Critter looking to delve into the core of the role-playing universe. Don't miss this fascinating journey into the beginning of Vox Machina.


The third installment of Vox Machina Origins takes readers on a breathtaking journey through the world of Critical Role. The beloved adventurers of Vox Machina are drawn deeper into the mystery and their bonds grow. This installment delves into the heart of the story's complex layers, where every panel is infused with the rich history and vivid visuals fans have come to expect. Traps are set, battles are fought and secrets are revealed in this exciting series. From the highest towers of Emon to the darkest hills of Umbra, their journey is not only about growing up as Tal'Dorei heroes, but also about forming lasting friendships and discovering individual destinies. With Matthew Mercer's intricate storytelling and Olivia Samson's stunning illustrations beautifully depicting this immersive universe, this book is sure to make waves among comic book readers and Critical Role fans alike. Feel the thrill of the origins of Vox Machina as each page takes you one step deeper into a world of magic, friendship and adventure. It's not just a book; it's an experience. Prepare your weapons, spells, and hold your seats until Vox Machina Origins Volume III hits the shelves.


Vox Machina Origins Volume III has received critical and fan acclaim while maintaining the stunning quality of the series. The commendable craftsmanship of the artwork and story continues to make this comic series a visually stunning and compelling read. Above all, Matthew Mercer and his band of adventurers have created a compelling, intense and whimsical narrative that maintains the high standard of storytelling in the Critical Role universe.
Fans praised Volume III for its attention to detail in character development and plot tension. The comic's success in capturing the individual characteristics of each character has been highlighted, bringing a mix of drama, humor and camaraderie that audiences love on screen in a readable format. Critics have praised the comic's work, saying that the atmosphere and expressive illustrations perfectly complement the complex story. The rich colors, dramatic lighting and attention to the characters' expressions gave the story a lot of depth.
In addition, the comic managed to balance the exploration of each character's individual story with the evolving dynamics of the group. This balance effortlessly manages to appeal to both fans who have followed Vox Machina since its inception and those new to the world of Critical Role.
In short, Vox Machina Origins Volume III effortlessly captures the charismatic essence of the Critical Role universe. It's a must-read for all fans and an ideal entry point for those new to the series, a testament to the creative integrity.

Cultural impact

Since its initial release, Vox Machina Origins Volume III comics have had a significant impact on popular culture. Fans of the Critical Role series were further piqued their curiosity and interest, and new readers were unexpectedly drawn into this world. Vox Machina Origins Volume III has been critically acclaimed and stays true to its roots, expertly blending stunning storytelling with stunningly detailed illustrations. This issue further highlighted the characters' intriguing personalities and fueled readers' enthusiasm for their adventures. Comics have also proven useful in bridging the gap between analog RPGs and digital media, giving the Dungeons & Dragons community a larger platform. The series greatly stimulated the reader's imagination and contributed greatly to the resurgence of the fantasy genre in popular culture, further enhancing the comic's appeal. The spirit of camaraderie, teamwork and epic adventure that underpins Vox Machina has captured the hearts of many and cultivated a growing fan community around the world.