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Super Silly Fun Land

General Info

Super Silly Fun Land logo
CityLos Angeles
CountryUnited States
Latitude[object Object]
Longitude[object Object]
Telephone+1 800-864-8377
Postal Code91608
Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/SuperSillyFunLand, https://www.instagram.com/SuperSillyFunLand
Location NameSuper Silly Fun Land
Street Address100 Universal City Plaza
Super Silly Fun Land is a fun theme park inspired by the vibrant Despicable Me universe. It captivates adults and children alike and brings the magic of the movie to life. Enter Gru's world teeming with minions and immerse yourself in the hilarious antics of their super villain adventures. This amazingly colorful and interactive attraction features a variety of thrill rides and games, making it a great experience of laughter and fun. Some of its unique features include unforgettable banana rides and heart-pounding roller coasters. Enjoy an authentic experience at the infamous carnival location, home to countless Despicable Me bios. And don't forget to visit the henchmen involved, whether they're planning heists or just doing crazy things. Super Silly Fun Land offers fun and imagination for the whole family, making everyone feel like a kid again!


At the epicenter of fun and frolic in the Despicable Me universe, the unbridled color and joy known as Super Silly Fun Land spreads across the internet. Featuring dazzling visuals and crazy rides, this exhilarating theme park is a kaleidoscope of pure unparalleled entertainment designed to capture hearts and uplift minds of all ages.
Every corner of Super Silly Fun Land is a tribute to unbridled fun! A special attraction, the Super Silly Space Killer game, allows visitors to playfully battle aliens like the unforgettable Minion Agnes. A culinary delight, Banana Sway Fries further celebrate the Minions' love of bananas and add a delightfully whimsical twist to the park's charm.
Visitors can immerse themselves in The Waterful World, a water park paradise, and enjoy the Sea Monster Soaker, where guests will witness an epic water gun battle. For even more entertainment, Super Silly Fun Land offers the Tilt-a-Hurl, a whirlwind ride that perfectly captures the uncontrollable, exuberant laughter that the park inspires in visitors.
Breaking away from stereotypical theme park design, Super Silly Fun Land is a beacon of childlike innocence and wonder in the Despicable Me universe. It represents unceasing joy, just as Gru's three adopted daughters, Margo, Edith and Agnes, represent eternal optimism. Therefore, Super Silly Fun Land, with all its fun rides and charming charm, is not just any place. It symbolizes an enchanted kingdom where laughter is the universal language and pleasure is the unwritten law.


With its origins rooted deep in the Despicable Me universe, Super Silly Fun Land has a story as colorful and exciting as the theme park itself. This fictional yet charming park was first revived in 2010. in the successful animated film "Nobody Me", began life as a fun fantasy, quickly enchanting the audience with bright attractions and a pervasive sense of joy.
The bustling park is imbued with the coveted charm of the franchise's iconic Minions. These playful and mischievous creatures have brought Super Silly Fun Land to life with their unique language called Minionese and of course their adorable love for bananas. Their infectious laughter and playful nature added charm to the park and made it a symbol of fun chaos. Super Silly Fun Land, now a real-life park at Universal Studios Hollywood, was once just an exciting idea in a beloved children's movie. Today, it is filled with thrilling rides, games and attractions that remind visitors of the spectacular movie journey of the park. Every corner of Super Silly Fun Land pays homage to every memorable moment from the Bad Me series, making it a timeless reminder of the movies.
Joining forces with Universal Studios, Super Silly Fun Land went from film to reality and touched the nostalgia of millions of people around the world. It captures the essence of the film and its unprecedented excitement, making it a must-see for all fans of the Nobody Me franchise around the world. The transformation of Super Silly Fun Land shows its evolution and marks an important stage in the history of theme parks.
From its origin as an animated marvel to its appearance as a real-life attraction, Super Silly Fun Land truly embraces the spirit of Despicable Me. Its lively story speaks the language of fun, joy and happy chaos, following the compelling minion-filled universe it belongs to. As colorful as the story is, the future of Super Silly Fun Land looks even brighter and full of joyful adventures.


Super Silly Fun Land, the iconic theme park from the Despicable Me universe, is nothing but fun, laughter and joy. This vibrant resort offers an unmatched combination of thrilling rides and thrilling games for unforgettable moments of fun.
Designed in typical whimsical style, the impressive park perfectly embodies the highly humorous and eccentric world of Despicable Me. Colorful stalls, creatively designed carnival games, spinning, flying and spinning rides add to the infectious energy of Super Silly Fun Land, creating an unparalleled atmosphere of fun and enjoyment.
Super Silly Fun Land is also a central location in the plot, serving as an important setting for many key scenes. Encounters and adventures in the park become important catalysts that drive the storylines forward and provide the characters with truly entertaining challenges that reveal their unique dynamics. Importantly, Super Silly Fun Land organically captures the mesmerizing chaos of the lives of the films' main characters, the mischievous henchmen. Every corner of the park is filled with light humor that reflects the playful nature of these lovable characters and creates many hilarious scenes throughout the series.
After all, Super Silly Fun Land, with its irresistible charm and fun energy, reflects the heart of the fun-loving spirit of Despicable Me, which becomes a symbol of a charming combination of humor, adventure and happiness. This unforgettable destination offers more than just rides and games, it's also an experience, a true "despicable" adventure full of fun, laughter and must-see entertainment.