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General Info

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Job TitleAdventurer
Birth Date1865-01-01
Birth PlaceFictional
Knows aboutWonderland, The White Rabbit, The Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter
Alternate NameAlice in Wonderland
Character NameAlice
Alice is an enigmatic figure in the Genshin Impact universe. Exceptionally curious and adventurous, she dedicates her life to exploring the world and its hidden treasures. As a great alchemist and Klee's mother, her influence on the story is indelible, even though she rarely appears herself. He formulated many alchemical potions and wrote the Teyvat Travel Guide, showing his extensive knowledge of the world. Despite her adventurous spirit, Alice has a deeply nurturing side, which is reflected in her excellent parenting skills. This made Klee an independent and resourceful adventurer. Alice's indefatigable spirit and love of pushing boundaries reveals that the world's secrets are waiting to be discovered.


Alice is a mysterious yet influential figure in the Genshin Impact universe. She is Klee's mother, a well-known adventurer and author of the extremely popular Teyvat Travel Guide series. Despite her fame, much of Alice's life is shrouded in mystery. She is known for her eccentric and daring personality, which often causes her to go against the normal norms of society.
Alice's sense of adventure is legendary in Mondstadt, where she is known for her rebellious actions and questioning of conventional wisdom. Known as the "Witch of the Winds", she has defied the traditions of Mondstadt on several occasions, once going so far as to free all the animals locked up in the city by the Knights of Favonia.
But Alice's adventures continue beyond Mondstadt. Her exploration of Teyvat is unparalleled, and she has ventured into some of the country's most dangerous areas, often encountering wild and untamed creatures to feed her insatiable curiosity about the world.
With her eagerness to explore and learn, Alice undoubtedly influenced her daughter Klee. Klee imitates her mother's sense of adventure and has acquired Alice's love of inventing new things. But unlike her mother, Klee is a true soul, full of innocence and pure optimism.
Despite her eccentricities, Alisa's influence on the Teyvat research field is unmistakable – her indomitable spirit, thirst for knowledge and uncompromising quest for adventure. He continues to inspire countless adventurers with his extraordinary life, capturing the essence of exploration in its truest form.


Alisa is a vibrant and talented scholar of Sumeru's arcane arts, with a reputation far beyond Mondstadt and Sumeru. Few knew her to be anything less than eccentric, but that didn't diminish the respect and admiration she commanded in academia.
Alice's fascination with the wonderful and mysterious began as a child. She was little more than a child when her insatiable curiosity led her down the path of magic, immersed in dusty books, while the rest of her peers learned to walk. As she grew up, this fascination only grew, and Alice's unique approach to research led to discoveries that shook the foundations of established magical theory. He finds great joy in exploration and discovery, often leading intrepid expeditions into the unknown. Unexplored ruins, forgotten civilizations, horizons that seem to stretch endlessly into the distance - these are the things that fascinate Alice to the fullest. They are a constant reminder of the world's endless possibilities and encourage her to pursue knowledge and adventure.
But Alice's spirit of discovery is not without flaws. Due to her bold personality, she often finds herself in unfavorable circumstances. Whether it's encountering dangerous creatures or recklessly giving in to her curiosity at the expense of her own safety, Alice is often one step away from disaster.
Despite the sometimes dangerous nature of her activities, Alice remains a symbol of undying passion and unceasing curiosity in the Genshin Impact universe. Its existence is a tribute to the spirit of inquiry and the idea that knowledge knows no bounds. It is this attitude that is reflected in his daughter Klee, an explosive adventure following in her mother's footsteps. Driven by an endless desire to learn and discover, Alice's influence and legacy promises to live on in Teyvat for generations to come.

Creation and Development

With her innovative creation and development, Alice, the character of Genshin Impact, brings a unique flavor to the gaming universe. As the mother of the famous character Klee and the founder of the Adventurer's Guild, her influence is already felt by the other characters that the players interact with on a regular basis.
In the early stages of development, the creators wanted Alice to embody the spirit of adventure. Inspired by various folklore and mythological sources, her unbridled and adventurous personality emerged. He is a character who has explored different corners of Teyvat and left traces of his adventures in various places, such as the Golden Apple Archipelago. Alice was designed to be more than just a character in a setting. The developers made his story so that it is closely related to the story of the game. His work in basic biology and the mystical arts is an essential part of the game's mythology. His books and research contributed greatly to the world development of Genshin Impact. It always gives avid gamers something new to learn about the universe and Alice's adventurous past. In order to maintain her enigmatic appearance, the developers have yet to introduce Alice as a playable character, but her presence as a reference to the story has been so influential that it has piqued the interest of players who are eagerly waiting for hints about her eventual appearance. Despite being invisible, she is deeply woven into the fabric of the game, showing how skillfully the game developers have developed her character.
Its creation and development, Genshin Impact, shows a smart way to keep players engaged. After creating a character that isn't playable yet, but is heavily tied to the story, players are left hooked on hoping to play Alice in the ultimate future. This brilliant tactic pushes the boundaries of normal character development and creates an intriguing story and development for Alice.

Character Profile

Alice is a legendary character in the Genshin Impact universe who isn't seen much, but her presence can be felt in several aspects of the game. She is an adventurer and Klee's mother, who is famous for leaving exploding presents. He has a powerful spirit of inquiry and an incessant curiosity about the world.
A love of adventure took Alice to different corners of Teyvat, where she explored unknown lands, fought poisonous creatures and even descended into treacherous dungeons to discover priceless treasures. Famous and respected in the Adventurer's Guild, her talent for discovery has left a lasting legacy. Alice's reputation for charm, fearlessness and a bit of eccentricity precedes her. Known to invent crazy inventions out of the unknown, she often misleads others, but sees it all as part of a grand journey. His contribution to the Hexenzirkel, Mondstadt's educated society, is considered eccentric but groundbreaking.
Despite her life of dangerous adventures, Alice is first and foremost a mother. Her adventurous spirit translates into her parenting, especially with her daughter Klee. Together, they create a spirit of wild and free exploration, instilling a sense of adventure in others. Alice's intriguing life and indomitable spirit make her one of the most compelling unseen characters in Genshin Impact.

Story Arc

Although Alice is not a playable character in Genshin Impact, her impact as a world-renowned adventurer and author is felt throughout Teywata. Not only did he introduce the popular Teyvat Travel Guide book series, but he also gave birth to the extraordinary Klee, his daughter and one of the most important knights of Favonius of Mondstadt.
Alice's spirit of adventure was ignited as a child when she first ventured outside the city of Mondstadt. Overcome challenging terrain, fight brutal monsters, defeat massive bosses and uncover hidden treasures. Wise, brave and never afraid of a challenge, Alice's travelogues have captured worldwide interest and inspired many to embark on their own journey. Alice is known as a true disruptor, constantly challenging the status quo. He founded Hexenzirkel, a community dedicated to discovering the wonders of the world and subverting conventional wisdom. In addition, she contributed to the development of Mondstadt and Liyue, using her influence to promote change and progress.
Alice's spirit of adventure seems to have been inherited from her daughter Klee. Although he is not around much, it is clear that he was a big influence on Klee, who adopted his mother's life of adventure. Through the stories told so far, readers learn about Alice's incredible antics, infectious optimism, and unbreakable determination, which explain why Klee adores her.
A true pioneer in every way, Alice continues to forge her own path, paving the way for adventurers and changing the fabric of Teyvat culture. It will be interesting to see where her adventures take her and what new insights she will inspire future generations. His story is one of limitless possibilities, symbolizing Teyvat itself, a world filled with infinite possibilities waiting to be discovered. Although not physically present in the game, his spirit of exploration changes the lives of many people in Genshin Impact.

Cultural Impact

In the Genshin Impact universe, Alice stands out as a character that truly leaves a mark on the fabric of Teyvat culture. He is not physically present, but her influence is deeply felt. She has a keen interest in exploration and has traveled extensively throughout the various landscapes of this magical world, from the green meadows of Mondstadt to the towering peaks of Liyue. His stories, ideas and theories about this world are described in many of his books and travelogues.
Alice's writings are inevitably the subject of discussion everywhere, from Mondstadt libraries to Liyue teahouses. They not only allow us to look at the unseen corners of Teyvat, but also stimulate the imagination of the inhabitants, arouse the curiosity and spirit of adventure in the readers.
In addition, Alisa greatly influences the culture of the Hilichurls, a native tribe in the world of Genshin Impact. He spends time understanding their language and customs, and his observations have helped others understand and perhaps empathize with these often misunderstood creatures.
In addition, she constantly challenges the status quo and norms with a unique perspective and rebellious spirit. In this way, Alisa contributes to dynamic cultural change, creating a wave of change and impact that reaches the heart of Teyvat society.


Alice was a famous adventurer in the Genshin Impact universe, characterized by boundless curiosity and exceptional courage. Her insatiable thirst for exploration took her far from Mondstadt, through the lands of Liyue and Inazuma. Alice was both a relentless wanderer and a prolific writer. His invaluable contributions to the literature include detailed guidance on how to navigate treacherous terrain and encounters with unfamiliar creatures. Her daughter Klee looks up to Alice and aims to carry on her legacy by becoming a fearless adventurer. Alice exhorted Klee about the importance and joy of discovery even in the small things in life, showing his influence beyond exploration.