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Character NameAllan
Allan, while still a character shrouded in mystique, is an integral part of the Genshin Impact universe. As seen in Angel's Share, Allan is a professional bartender and knows how to understand people when choosing drinks in Mondstadt. His blend of beers often echoes the hearts of his customers: calming troubled minds, lifting spirits, while subtly allowing a glimpse into their personal stories. In addition to his exceptional mixology skills, Allan brings a wealth of stories that offer intriguing insights into the history of Genshin from the often untold perspectives of Mondstadt residents. Alan may be a non-playable character, but the depth and intrigue he brings to the experience will definitely enhance your journey through Genshin Impact.


Allan is a unique and intriguing character from the vast universe of Genshin Impact. Born in Mondstadt, Allan is a forest ranger specializing in outdoor survival. With his dogged demeanor and wild mind, Alan is the epitome of resilience and adaptability.
His role in the Knights of Favonius is unique as he is well versed in monster psychology, geography, navigation and especially combat. This skill was largely due to his diligence and determination to learn and explore from his early days. Alan has great respect and admiration for Grand Master Varkas, Commander of the Knights of Favonius.
Despite his somewhat gruff exterior, Allan is a kind-hearted and kind person who enjoys company. He is known for his storytelling skills and loves to share stories from his travels when he has an audience. For adventurers who cross Allan's path, his advice is often invaluable. His philosophy of survival and knowledge of Mondstadt and its surroundings saved many expeditions from despair. Affectionately nicknamed "Diamond in the Rough" due to his depth of knowledge and stoic personality, Allan is definitely a character that lends credibility to the Knights of Mondstadt with his prowess to survive in the field and fight monsters.
Allan finds himself a fascinating character who embodies the beauty of the Genshin Impact universe, a world full of adventure. Revealing Allan's cultivated preaching and charm offers both gameplay depth and an enjoyable RPG.


Allan is a valiant knight known for serving the Kingdom of Mondstadt with unwavering loyalty in the Genshin Impact universe. He is strong as a vigilant defender, and his story is one of the most inspiring in the chronicles of this magical kingdom.
In his youth, orphaned Allan found solace in the teachings of the great Knights of Favonia. Their chivalry combined with their dedication to protecting Mondstadt fueled his inner courage. Although the sword was heavy for a child his age, Alan grew up with the weight of his chosen destiny: a warrior's path that was rarely encountered. His skill with the knife, combined with his indomitable spirit, attracted the attention of the Grand Master Favonius himself. Noticing Allan's unwavering determination and leadership skills, he was soon recruited into the ranks of the city's elite defenders.
The years had improved Allan's courage and ability. As he rose through the ranks, his service to the kingdom was clearly recognized, earning him the respect and admiration of his peers. His journey was full of strife and danger, but Allan never let his spirit fade. He was determined and focused on following the example of the knights he admired growing up.
His most notable achievement came during Abysmage's deadly attack on Mondstadt, where his brave spirit was crucial to the city's defense. This victory cemented Allan's position as a renowned knight and cherished hero among the people of Mondstadt, embodying the very essence of the Knights of Favonia: chivalry, valor, and an unwavering commitment to the defense of the homeland.

Creation and Development

In the vast universe of Genshin Impact, full of fantastical creatures and heroic individuals, Allan's character adds a unique twist to the plot. Notably, it wasn't in the original game, it was introduced in later versions. The driving force behind Allan's creation and development was the desire to enrich the universe with an immersive character that illustrates the common man, a touch of reality between strange and powerful beings.
Planning Alan's background required careful consideration. The creators of MiHoYo relied on extensive consultation with Genshin's storytellers and design team, allowing Allan's character to blend seamlessly with existing characters and storylines. It represents the common citizen in a world of adventurers and divine beings, and gives a glimpse into ordinary life in Teyvat.
Allan's design aesthetic focused on the unadorned simplicity of everyday life and emphasized the relatability and authenticity of his character. The creators of the visuals put a lot of effort into developing a personality that reflects a middle-aged man content with his everyday life. So, in stark contrast to the mystical aura surrounding the dazzling actors, Allan dresses in plain and simple clothes, standing out from the fabulous crowd.
The fictional city of Mondstadt served as a model and shaped Allan's temperament, similar to its inhabitants: industrious and contented. It has programmed dialogue befitting a humble guardian enjoying the simple pleasures of life, not a hero preparing for battle. This character approach was deliberately chosen to broaden the player's perspective and provide a broad narrative experience.
Allan's inclusion in the Genshin Impact universe was done to enhance the game's social dynamics, increase user engagement, and diversify the storyline. His presence underscores the fact that not only are super-powerful creatures worthy of admiration, but supporting characters like Alan have their own meaning. As Genshin Impact progresses, it would be interesting to see how Alan's character grows and contributes to the game's multifaceted story.

Character Profile

One of the unsung heroes of the Genshin Impact universe, Alan doesn't boast the godlike powers of others, but his will and determination have always been unwavering. As a member of the Adventurer's Guild, Allan's mission is to explore the treacherous desert of Teyvat and uncover its hidden secrets.
Alan is not one to shy away from a challenge and will not hesitate to take on any task. His extensive knowledge of Teyvat's geography, flora and fauna ensures that he will play an integral part in many adventures. Not only that, but his survival skills and effective combat strategies learned during his life on the frontier have saved countless adventurers from dire situations. Despite his impressive skills, Allan is known for his modesty. He humbly shrugged off the praise, always reaching for more instead, a true embodiment of the adventurer's spirit. While most people are drawn to adventure by the promise of fame and fortune, Allan's motivation lies in an insatiable world of curiosity and a desire to help those in need.
But Allan is not all work and no play. After a long day of adventure, he likes to relax with a good book under the tree, showing his calm and caring side. This duality in his nature makes Allan a universal character in the Genshin Impact universe. A tireless explorer by day and a quiet person by night. Allan truly embodies the spirit of the Adventure Guild and is an invaluable part of the Genshin Impact ensemble.

Story Arc

Alan is not an officially recognized character in the Genshin Impact universe. But for a creative exercise, let's imagine an Allan character that fits perfectly into the world of Teyvat.
Allan is a native of Liyue, a master jade carver and a member of Millelite. Thoughtful, kind and with a deep connection to geo-energy, he symbolizes the spirit of resilience embodied by the soil of Liyue itself. He is known for his deep, almost intuitive understanding of jade, the symbolic stone of the region. During one of the natural disasters that often plague Teyvat, orphaned Allan was taken in by an elderly jade cutter. He learned how to handle jade from an old man who constantly emphasized the importance of understanding the spirit within the stone, not just its surface value. Alan's talent flourished under the tutelage of his mentor and he soon became a respected sculptor.
The event that really determined Allan's fate was the attack of a powerful geographic monster on Liyue. Many Millelith soldiers fought to hold him back, but failed due to the hard geoexoskeleton. Alan, using his deep knowledge of geoenergy, helped them identify the monster's weak points.
Proving his courage and knowledge, the Milleliths invited him to join their ranks. Allan agreed and decided to use his skills not only to knead jade flowers, but also to protect Liju, the city he calls home. The jade cutter became a jade warrior who kept Liyue calm with his chisel and geo spirit. His story is not one of dramatic twists or tragic origins, but an arc of personal growth and discovery that resonates with the spirit of Genshin Impact.

Cultural Impact

As a relatively minor figure in the vast world of Genshin Impact, Alan had a significant impact on the game's cultural landscape. Allan hails from Springvale, an idyllic town with rustic charm and the tranquility of Mondstat. Despite his seemingly mundane role as a hunter, his character symbolizes the value of serious hard work, pride in his profession and the importance of community harmony.
Perhaps Allan's greatest cultural impact on the players is his devotion to hunting, an activity he is passionate about despite the commonality. In doing so, he embodies the importance of finding joy and satisfaction in your work, whatever it may be. His character subtly dissects the monotony of everyday life and reveals hidden beauty and value.
Additionally, Alan's character plays an integral role in weaving the rich tapestry of the local Springvale community. It shows the essential bonds that form in small towns, emphasizing the idea that each individual has a vital role to play in maintaining the community's vitality and livelihoods.
While his dialogue may seem inconsequential amid the epic adventures and high stakes of Genshin Impact, Allan is a testament to the careful attention that MiHoYo, the game's creator, paid to even the most minor characters, painstakingly detailing their stories and integrating them. integral in the heart of Teyvat. In this way, Allan demonstrates the game's ethos in his humble way, describing a world filled with depth and intrigue beneath breathtaking landscapes.


In the complex universe of Genshin Impact, few can claim a legacy as intriguing as Allan's. Born in Mondstadt, Allan brings a rare combination of fearless local spirit and deep family loyalty. Courageous performances in dangerous situations won the respect of the locals. But his parenting roles as an older brother and a hard-working member of the Adventurers Guild are what truly make up his legacy.
His journey is a testament to the belief that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary feats. Allan's story is a heartwarming saga of constant learning, resilience and courage that inspires young adventurers to pursue their dreams, no matter how daunting they may seem.
Each stage Allan enters is a vital part of the legacy of this humble but courageous adventurer, proving that his legacy is not based on their birthright, but on their actions and life choices. His story reminds all fans of Genshin Impact that their legacy is forever in the making and that every ordinary moment can become an extraordinary memory.