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General Info

Navi logo
Job TitleGuide for Link
Birth PlaceFairy Fountain, Kokiri Forest, Hyrule
Knows aboutLink's quests, Enemies weakness, Directions
Alternate NameFairy
Character NameNavi
Member of OrganizationFairies of Kokiri Forest
Known as a fairy companion in the popular game Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Navi is a main character who provides guidance and assistance to the protagonist Link. Navi, sent by the Great Deku Tree, is Link's indispensable companion in his quest to defeat the evil King Ganon. Navi's ability to alert you to enemy weaknesses and provide hints on how to solve puzzles adds strategic depth to the game. With his signature "Hey! Listen!" He cries, Navi may be small, but her role in Link's heroic journey is extremely important. Her faith and devotion to Link make her an enduring image of friendship and virtue not only in Hyrule, but in the wider gaming world as well.


Navi is one of the most iconic characters in the Zelda universe. As Link's fairy companion in Ocarina of Time, she plays a key role in guiding players on their quest. Navi is with you every step of the way, from the first moment you enter the Kokiri Forest to the final battle with the evil Ganondorf.
It gives very valuable hints and tips to help you keep playing. It often points out things you might not notice, like hidden switches or suspicious-looking walls. His iconic shout of “Hey listen! this is a signal for the player to stop and heed his instructions. In addition to her role as a leader, Navi also assists Link in battle by attacking enemies.
Navi's role is not limited to escort and combat support. He is one of the characters that adds depth to the story. Through our interaction with Navi, we learn about Link's fate and his connection to the boy without tales in Kokiri Forest. Navi's departure at the end is heartbreaking, making her one of the most unforgettable characters in the Zelda universe.
Basically, Navi plays multiple roles in the game: guide, friend, combat assistant, and the driving force behind the story. Despite being a secondary character on screen, his contribution to the memorable gaming experience of Ocarina of Time is immense.


Navi, a character in the Legend of Zelda universe, plays the essential role of guide and companion. She is a magical Zelda fairy who helps the hero Link in his travels. Originally from the Kokiri Forest Fairy Fountain, Navi was sent by the Great Deku Tree to aid Link in his quest to stop Ganondorf, the Gerudo King, from wreaking havoc. Navi's name comes from the word "navigare", meaning its main function.
Despite its small size, Navi provides invaluable guidance during your adventures. His energetic cries of "Hey! Listen!" they are used to mark clues and targets and suggest strategies during combat. Navi's vast knowledge of Hyrule and its inhabitants is often crucial to deciphering the mystery at the center of Link's journey.
In addition to helping in physical combat, Navi also plays an emotional role. She is Link's constant companion, easing his loneliness in a dangerous and often frightening world. Her feisty personality and strong spirit combined with her unwavering loyalty make her an endearing character. However, her character is also controversial among Zelda fans. Some players love his helpful advice and constant presence, while others find his interruptions annoying. Navi's sudden departure at the end of Ocarina of Time leaves players with a great sense of loss and represents the inevitable end of childhood adventures.
Navi's character, while deceptively simple, is complex and emotionally resonant. He personifies valuable life lessons about loyalty, friendship and courage. Behind her clear blue light lies a heart of devotion and an unwavering spirit that guides Link and constantly lights his path.

Creation and Development

Navi, Link's fairytale companion in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarana of Time, was first created by game designer Shigeru Miyamoto in 1997. Navi was designed to make the game run smoother and help players navigate. fictional world. Interestingly, the name "Navi" comes from the term "Navigator", emphasizing its central role in the game.
In the original concept, Navi was just a simple navigation tool that provided players with directions and tips. However, the game developers quickly realized Navi's potential as a character and expanded her role to become Link's companion. This move not only made Navi an integral part of the game, but also helped deepen the emotional connection between players and the game's universe.
Navi's avatar as a glowing fairy is designed to easily stand out even in a complex game environment. Its color and brightness have been carefully refined to capture the player's attention effortlessly. In addition, Navi's lines of dialogue were recorded by Japanese voice actress Kaori Mizuhashi. These were then digitally distorted to create an echo-like effect, creating a unique audible identity for the character. Over time, Navi's character has evolved along with technological advances in the gaming industry. It's evolved from a simple voice prompt to a fully interactive AI that provides specific assistance, making it an indispensable part of Link's quest.
Despite the occasional criticism of her merciless memoir, Navi has remained one of the most recognizable characters in the Zelda universe, striking a fine balance of utility and character development. Navi's appeal remains as it continues to accompany generations of players as they explore the enchanting world of Zelda.

Character Profile

Navi is the main character in the popular Legend of Zelda universe. This bright, mythical creature mainly appears in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. She is known for her distinctive blue glow and high-pitched voice that give this 3D action-adventure game a unique appeal.
As Link's guide, Navi plays a central role throughout the journey. Navi was specially chosen by the Great Deku Tree, the guardian spirit of the forest, to aid Link in his quest to defeat Ganondorf. Her expertise lies mainly in providing valuable strategies and advice to Link, making her an invaluable companion.
Navi portrays a loyal and resilient personality with constant perseverance even in the most difficult situations. Despite his small size, he makes up for it with a wealth of knowledge about the vast world of Hyrule and its many inhabitants. His ability to communicate with various creatures is used numerous times throughout their adventures.
Navi has earned a reputation among Zelda fans, best known for her signature catchphrases of "Hey! and listen!" These shouts have become a proud symbol of gaming culture, forever etched in the hearts of Zelda fans. Despite her sometimes overzealous leadership, Navi is an important partner fondly remembered for her unwavering devotion to Link and their quest together.

Story Arc

Navi is the main character in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, a fairy guide who helps protagonist Link on his quests. She is known as his first companion in the series.
Navi begins her journey with Link in the Kokiri Forest and is sent by Deku of the Great Tree, the god of the forest, to invite Link to him. He does an important job and helps defeat the monsters in the Deku Tree. Post this; they have a mission to collect the three spirit stones and save the kingdom of Hyrule from the evil Ganondorf. One of the Navi's main tasks is to guide Link through time, both seven years into the future and back to the child's timeline. Meeting Princess Zelda disguised as a Sheik, appreciating the beauty of the Temple of Time, and fighting Ganondorf together are important parts of their joint quest.
Navi is vital in combat and provides Link with information about enemies and their weaknesses. Whether you're facing bosses like Gohma, King Dodong, or regular enemies, Navi's advice is invaluable in helping Link strategize and win.
The exciting part of Navi's storyline is her departure. With their mission complete and peace restored, he leaves without saying goodbye and flies out the open window of the temple. Later, Link can be seen searching for her, showing the bond they have formed.
Navi's character adds depth, demystifies the Zelda universe, and greatly contributes to the game's dynamics. She is not only a leader, but also a companion who undertakes honorable quests and imbues players with the essence of courage and friendship.

Cultural Impact

The character of Navi may seem small in the popular Zelda universe, but she has had a huge cultural impact. Being the loyal companion of Links, Navi repeated “Hey! Listen! it quickly became one of the most recognizable phrases in video game history. Video games have used the phrase in parody, making it a meme in gamer culture. Statistically, most of the Zelda gaming community can remember Navi for her impressive appeal.
Beyond the tagline, Navi illustrates an essential aspect of video game storytelling: the dynamic between the main character and his handler. This dynamic has been replicated in countless games since Zelda, continuing the "commander vs. hero" trope seen in many RPGs. Navi's role also serves a symbolic purpose, with her luminous form serving as a guide and a beacon of hope in times of adversity, something that appeals to many players.
In addition, Navi has influenced video game character design with its simple yet effective design. It's proof that memorable characters don't have to be overly complex or complicated. This simplicity allowed for deeper storytelling and an emphasis on character relationships rather than individual depth, a major shift in the gaming industry. As such, Navi's cultural influence will undoubtedly continue to shape the gaming landscape.


"Navi's legacy in The Legend of Zelda is significant. As Link's primary companion in Ocarina of Time, she provides constant guidance, necessary information, and enlightening objectives in battle. Despite her often poignant memories, Navi's presence symbolizes lasting friendship and unrelenting support during Link's mission to save the kingdom of Hyrule. Players fondly remember her for iconic lines like “Listen!” and “Hey! Look!" Navi's lasting impact is enhanced by her mysterious disappearance, fueling fan theories and speculation. In the stories of Hyrule, this is a testament to the vital role friendship plays in every hero's journey.